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About us

Unica Green is a beauty concept e-store based in Belgium. 

We sell the best clean, versatile, and performant cosmetics, while caring for the overall environment, prioritising ingredients that are locally sourced.

I have always been passionate about cosmetics but in 2011 a trip to Australia served as the catalyst that would forever change how I would look at the beauty industry. My husband and I we were working in Melbourne at that time and one day I attended a conference about clean skincare. A team of experts (cosmetologists, dermatologists, and beauty therapists) talked about cosmetic labels, how to read them, and the importance of educating ourselves on the ingredients we want to avoid to make informed purchasing decisions.

Soon after that, I followed a certified Natural Beauty Training, together with an Organic Formulator Course in Australia and an Aromatherapy master class in Belgium. I kept studying throughout these years, I collaborated with some Italian clean brands to review their products and I helped people around me choose the right routine for their needs.

In January 2023 my husband and I we decided to open this beauty corner and make you discover all the best beauty brands in a unique sensory journey.

We personally research, and test each brand to offer only the best to our customers. All the brands in our online store are: mineral oil-free, silicone-free, cruelty-free, sustainable, and dermatologically tested.

The name Unica Green is the combination of our mission (clean, green cosmetics) and the uniqueness of the selected brands.


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