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Elevate your skincare experience with Lace Beauty, an esteemed Italian brand specializing in facial cleansing essentials. We recognize the pivotal role effective and gentle cleansing plays in a robust skincare routine—consider it the cornerstone of skin health. Our formulations are meticulously crafted to cleanse the skin thoroughly in a single step while preserving its natural balance and microbiota. At Lace Beauty, we champion the empowerment of individuals to curate personalized skincare rituals. Our products are thoughtfully designed to cater to specific skin needs, fostering simple yet sensorial skincare routines. We believe that the pleasure derived from the sensory experience should stem from the skin’s positive response to our products. Our dedication to skincare inclusivity extends to everyone, including oncology patients, individuals with dermatological conditions, post-surgery patients, and those with skin disorders or diseases. Lace Beauty products are engineered to be both safe and effective, providing confidence to users that their conditions won’t be exacerbated.

Laura – Algae Muslin Cloth


Ilmatar – Rebalancing Peat Mask


Kiku-San – Konjac Sponge


Jo – Natural Sea Sponge / Fine Silk


Heathcliff – Balancing Mattifying Lotion


Catherine – Hydrating Soothing Lotion


Lizzie – Cleansing Balm


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