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Jo – Natural Sea Sponge / Fine Silk


Experience the Jo Fine Silk Natural Sea Sponge – your key to unclogging pores, achieving an even skin tone, and rejuvenating your complexion. With its finely-knit pores, this sponge provides a deep cleansing experience combined with a gentle massage that soothes your skin while enhancing microcirculation. Perfect for individuals with sensitive skin or skin conditions, our hypoallergenic natural sponge offers a sustainable, high-quality, and long-lasting solution. It’s also a top recommendation for those seeking a genuinely natural product. The Fine Silk variety, available in a bleached version, undergoes an additional oxygen-bleaching process, resulting in a softer, more skin-friendly texture.

Jo is available in two sizes:

  • Small: 1-2 gr size (about 4-5 cm), already included with Lizzie – Cleansing balm, also available for purchase separately. Ideal to remove makeup as it perfectly fits the delicate eye contour, dries quickly and can therefore be used morning and evening.
  • Medium: 3- gr size (about 7-8 cm) it’s ideal to remove face masks or for those who’d rather use a different sponge for face and eyes.


Rinse and soak with lukewarm water until the sponge becomes soft. Gently massage it to remove any residue of detergent, cleanser or face mask.

HOW TO TAKE CARE: If properly maintained, natural sponges can last up to a year. Aggressive detergents and excessively hot water may affect the duration of the sponge, particularly as regards the smaller ones. To keep your sponge in perfect conditions we recommend rinsing it thoroughly with a drop of mild detergent after each use, or soaking it for 20 minutes in a solution of warm water and baking soda about once a month; then allow to dry completely and naturally.Do not boil your sponge or machine wash it. Do not dry it with a hairdryer or leave it to dry on the radiator.

Origin: The sponge was harvested in our Mediterranean, following regulations to preserve the species.

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